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3D measuring

Measuring on portal-type 3D measuring CNC machine enhances objectivity of measuring. The measuring device was put into operation in May 1999.

3D measuring device

To safeguard objectivity of measuring of spatially sophisticated components and to support in determining capability of processes, machines and moulds. We make a wide use of the portal-type 3D measuring CNC machine by Wenzel company.

Measuring probe Measuring probe 3D measuring CNC machine Camera
Portal-type 3D measuring CNC machine

Wenzel LH 65

Wenzel LH 65 is a portal-type 3D measuring CNC machine. The machine enables us to measure products within their entire dimensional range with sufficient leeway in accuracy of measurement in respect to a defined deviation U3 = (3+L/350)µm.


Measurements can be related either to values specified by a classic drawing or to a model created and saved in form of a 3D electronic file.

The measuring probe Renishaw TP2 is fixed on a PH9A revolving head. The PH9A revolving head is motorized and indexable.


Measuring space
x = 650 mm
y = 750 mm
z = 500 mm
U3 = (3+L/350)µm
Table carrying capacity
500 kg
Measuring head
Renishaw PH9A
Revolving head

Computer model

Measuring according to a computer model. The measuring machine 3D control software will process files in IGES and VDA formats.


  • Cp; Cpk
  • Frequency histogram
  • Measured values trend diagram