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We won an important order

Plastík Quarterly magazine of PLASTIKA a.s. company, No. 3/2005

We obtain a major commission from company Siemens VDO. The commission concerns dashboard parts welding.

After hard competitors fight, our business department succeeded in obtaining a major commission from company Siemens VDO. The commission concerns dashboard parts welding in the approximate value of 100 mil. CZK per year. In doing so, these projects duration is 5 years and should be continuously replaced by new ones received by VDO. The production will be started in the beginning of October 2005. Before the production transfer, employees are trained in this new technology directly in customer facility; new employees will be engaged stepwise.

The whole project perfect encompassment comprising parts for Octavia, Superb, Polo, Passat, Fabia, VW Transporter in the term up to the end of 2005 would mean our advancement to a "higher league". In this league, the relationship is not defined in terms of "supplier – customer", but it becomes a partnership. New requirements will be imposed on logistics as we will purchase all of the parts by ourselves as well as on quality, because we are responsible for whole weldment and not only for the parts molded by ourselves. Also new is the customer demand on delivery directly to its production line, i.e. each 1,5 hour. For that purpose we had to hire a specialized logistics company. However, the hardest target will consist in the new production preparation from our engineering department and introducing it into series production. The production deficit, with simultaneous non-existence of store reserve, would mean stopping of the production lines in car companies facilities with all of the consequences for Plastika.

Jana Mohlerova - Commercial Director

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