Plastika has built up a new paintshop to paint plastic parts.

New paintshop

Production in the newly built paintshop was started in August 2008 at Plastika.

Six-axis robot Plastic parts Construction of paintshop
The automated robotic line

The up-to-date equipment that was delivered by company Afotek is intended for painting particularly with water-based bi-component colours. The paint line operates with a six-axis robot and it paints fully automatically with high repeatability and stability of process.

The automated robotic line is equipped with liquid CO2 cleaning.

Ionized nitrogen painting

Heated ionized nitrogen is used to transfer the paint to the component surface with an opposite electric charge. Advantages of ionized nitrogen painting are:

  • lower paint consumption
  • less scrap
  • better paint adhesion and also
  • it reduces the number of movements of the robot.

Manual painting box

The main production equipment is completed by a manual painting box for the necessary testing of the painting process, preparation of samples or eventually to achieve low-volume supply.


The paint shop is equipped with a laboratory for the testing of painted parts.