EMS system

Environmental Management System. This is a system that is designed to protect the natural environment.

ISO 14 001

The Company’s Board of Directors recognised the importance of ecological behaviour requirements for the future existence of the company; and therefore approved the concept of Environmental Management, at its' meeting in November 1999. Certification to ISO 14 001 has subsequently been achieved.

In view of the growing demand for complex solutions, preparation was commenced for the implementation of environmental management within the company according to the requirements of ISO 14 000, with certification expected in the first quarter of 2000.

EMS Concept Principles

PLASTIKA Kromeriz undertakes to enforce the following principles of its EMS concept:

Validate the EMS system for protecting the natural environment
This means to apply an environmentally conscious approach on a permanent basis in all areas of our activities, and to regard this as an integral point for a further development of our company.
Remove old barriers
Will be continuously worked at.
Respect valid legislation
We undertake to respect valid legislation in connection with environmental protection, to cooperate with departments, provide information to such organizations, as well as the public, employees, customers and supplier, including our achievements.
Continuously decrease any impact we may have on the environment
We undertake to reduce the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources. Reduce the demand for materials used in production by modernising production. Limiting the creation of waste & contamination. Thereby safeguarding our natural resources. We must also provide safe waste storage & disposal at collection sites. To constantly and purposefully train employees in protecting the environment
Our task is to motivate our employees to maintain ecological principles.
To monitor, verify and systematically improve EMS
This must all be accomplished with emphasis on preventing the creation of waste and environmental contamination. Results must be systematically evaluated.

Improvement tasks

A part of our quality policy and EMS include improvement of tasks such as:

  • limitation of overheads (extra work, repairs, etc.)
  • production process simplification
  • shortening mold change out times
  • lessening energy and material costs
  • minimising losses, etc.
  • reducing machine downtime
  • optimising production cycle lengths
  • improving the work environment (cleanliness, order, lighting, path marking etc.)
  • comply with all environmental legislation.

This quality policy and EMS commit all associates and employees of the company to fulfil these principles at their workplaces.

Last update 09/11/2006

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