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Quality system

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949 and UL registration.

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Quality is the key to achieving customer trust and satisfaction

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Quality Standards were adopted by PLASTIKA a.s. in 1996, and accreditation by Lloyd's Register has been maintained ever since.


PLASTIKA a.s. was amongst the first 50 Czech companies to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) in compliance with ISO 14000 standards, which it is determined to maintain.

IATF 16949

The company's board of directors, acknowledging the important issues relating to this standard; decided to develop a system in accordance with IATF16949 including the VDA requirements, and has now achieved Lloyd's Register accreditation.

UL registration

With a view to the export of components to the USA, we have obtained Underwriters Laboratories approval of our Quality Management System.

Since June 1999 we have been authorized to produce those of our products designed for the U.S. market with the UL symbol.


ISO 9001 IATF 16 949 ISO 14 001
Certifikáty systémů řízení kvality

Quality Policy

Customer assured quality
Production and service must always fully meet agreed customer requirements and wishes.
Quality is everyone's concern
Every one of our workers influences either directly or indirectly the quality of our products and services.
Quality must be produced
Quality must be evaluated at every stage and only defect free product passed on.
Sometimes a customer, sometimes a supplier
We are each internal suppliers and customers at different times to our colleagues, and our duty is to ensure that quality counts in all of our dealings.
Quality requires culture and responsibility
An atmosphere of solid, mutual co-operation and trust amongst employees and departments provides the best conditions for quality work.
For quality simplify work
It is a must to propose, implement and document the most effective work procedures for each employee.
Quality is a never-ending process
Constant improvement of the quality of our work and products is the best method for ensuring our products compete in a demanding marketplace.
Quality is also environmental protection and product responsibility
Another of our objectives, is to continuously reduce the impact the company and its' products have on the environment.

Improvement tasks

A part of our quality and EMS policy are improvement tasks such as:

  • Reduction of overhead cost.
  • Production procedure simplification.
  • Minimising down time during mould change.
  • Reducing energy and material costs.
  • Minimising losses, managing waste, recycling materials and implementing waste disposal and recovery procedures.
  • Reducing machine downtime.
  • Optimising the length of production cycles.
  • Improving the work environment (cleanliness, order, lighting, pathway marking, etc.).
  • Reducing and eliminating adverse influences on the natural environment in accordance with legislation.

This quality and EMS policy commits all employees of our company to fulfil these principles at their respective workplaces in accordance with their position.


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