Manufacture of moulds

We manufacture the moulds for industrial processing of thermoplastic material at toolmakers in Europe and China.

Manufacture of tool

More than 90 % of our customers use our complex solution that involves also manufacture of moulds. The moulds with Plastika's guarantee are made at reputable toolmakers in Europe and China.

Mould detail


Chinese moulds

The manufacture of moulds in China for own serial production as well as for direct supplies of moulds to open market is a reaction of Plastika to needs of more demanding customer. The advantages of such co-operation with Asian toolmakers are lower price and shorter lead-times meeting European quality requirements. The condition of successful co-operation is a mastery of cultural, technical and logistic  differences between European and Asian market with a view of customer satisfaction.

The co-operation was started in 2007. It brought a lot of successful projects. Plastika provides warranty and after-warranty service including modifications of such delivered moulds. The moulds maintenance during serial production at Plastika is done in our toolshop.

Last update 17/06/2011

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