About us

Code of Conduct

PLASTIKA a.s. wishes to create mutually advantageous relationship with its customers and suppliers that is based on common principles and expected behaviour. The Code of Conduct of the company PLASTIKA a.s. defines a range of behaviour that we expect from our business partners and staff.

Code of Conduct of PLASTIKA a.s.

Health, Safety and Comfort

We take care of our people and all others who have an influence on our work place. We continuously try to make our work environment where the health, safety and comfort are definitely established. Our goal is to be a leader in the sphere of labour health and safety and show measurable improvements on the way without any accident at work. We share our practice that endeavours for proper safety of each person and accident prevention.

Fair Working Conditions

We respect human rights worldwide and fair working conditions of the people who work on our projects and in our workplaces.

Human Rights

We can understand that the human rights are valid universally therefore we respect these rights in accordance with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHD) same as the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work therefore we try to avoid any beach of these principles. We do not use any forced labour, we do not trade with anybody in people and we do not employ children.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Bullying

We respect all employees in the sense of discretion, their rights and equality irrespective of race, face, skin, sex, age, language, religion, political and other opinions, national and social origin and other class and we respect dignity, privacy and individuality of each employee.

The company PLASTIKA a.s. does not tolerate to its employees any form of discrimination and unfair handling with its customers, suppliers, colleagues and other partners according to race, sex, handicap, religion, etc.


We lie under obligation to protect environment and we do believe that we can essentially make a contribution to the sustainable world balance.

We actively endeavour for environmental impact improvement of our activity, projects, products and services during their whole life-time cycle.

Equity, Assets and Facility

We secure and protect our property against damage, theft, loss and improper use because it is crucial for our business. The assets of the company are tangible and intangible. The tangible assets are e.g. material, money, products, machines and equipment or accessories, computers and immovable assets. The intangible assets are e.g. our brand, know-how, business secret and copyright.

Confidential Information

We respect confidential information which are related to company PLASTIKA a.s. and our interested partners. We take all appropriate measures to protect confidential information against disclosure to anybody who is not entitled to them for his work and who does not need them for his work.

Protection of Personal Data

In connection with personal data processing we respect a right of each person to protection of his personal data and to integrity. The definition of personal data and statutory requirements for protection differ country by country. It often includes name, personal information about health care, picture or personal identification number.

Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy

We lie under obligation to carry on business with a high level of moral integrity. We do not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption including embezzlement, money laundering, factorage, gombeen and fraud.

Conflict of Interests

Our staff is obliged to prevent situation in which it would be subjected to a conflict of private interest and interest of the company. The private interest means an advantage for the employee, member of his/her family and other close persons as well as for natural and legal persons with whom he/she has got business relationship.

The employee must not use his/her position, authorization/competence, job placement or information as obtained when he/she carries on the work to get a property benefit or another benefit or advantage for him/her or other person.

Fair Competition

We do believe that the fair competition is a benefit for the company PLASTIKA a.s., for our interested groups and whole society because it is a drive to efficiency and innovation which are a basis of well-running free market economy. We lie under obligation to compete in the fair way and we do not tolerate any breach of anti-monopoly laws and the act on protection of economic competition or relevant delegated legislation.

Company Hospitality and Gifts

We must not require, accept, offer, approve or express a company hospitality or gifts which could improperly influence our business decisions or decisions of our staff or other cooperating entities or that such improper influencing could appear. All units of the company PLASTIKA a.s. implemented their policy of company hospitality and gifts that clearly defines acceptable circumstances and financial limits for expressions of company hospitality and gifts.

Wages, employee benefits and working hours

All employees must be provided with wages and benefits that comply at least with national laws or sectoral standards and binding collective agreements.

PLASTIKA a.s. shall ensure compliance with all applicable legal restrictions on working time and the provision of rest periods.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

All employees, without distinction, are entitled to join a trade union of their choice or to form a trade union and have the right to bargain collectively.

The employer shall treat the activities of the trade union and its organising activities openly.

Employee representatives shall not be discriminated against and shall be allowed to perform their representative functions in the workplace.

Emergency preparedness and fire protection

We create optimal conditions to ensure fire protection at all workplaces and establish preventive measures to minimize risks in production activities. We implement fire protection through professionally qualified persons, thus ensuring compliance with legislative obligations and normative requirements. By creating company regulations, we create conditions for effective protection of the life and health of employees and company property. We systematically train employees in emergency preparedness, fire protection, first aid, handling of chemical substances and prevention of emergencies, thereby reducing the risk of their occurrence. We provide sufficient number of marked emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first aid equipment. In the area of chemicals, we emphasise compliance with correct use and storage.